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Woo Friday!

Another Friday. Now to find the desire to work. So hard.

I really hate how my libido skyrockets right around Fox's period. Sure, that's the natural order of things as I think I'm quite perceptive to her pheremonal changes during ovulation. However, this does little good sitting in my office. I'm antsy. And what's worse got an excellent look at a gorgeous implementer as she walked in this morning. Fabulous ass. Sigh. Stupid hormones. Nice weather isn't helping either. Nor some fantasies I've been having that won't be sated due to family visits (Sev's) this weekend. Bah. Need to follow through on something more often, less second guessing.

Story of my life, though.

[The Girl at Work]
So, the lovely girl I asked out yesterday said yes to my nebulous, date and time-less request to get together. In retrospect I don't think she realized I was asking her out. Had she, there'd have been the inevitable "don't you have a girlfriend" discussion where I'd try really hard not to sound like a sleazy cheater. I suppose it's possible she doesn't CARE and did, in fact, realize I was trying to ask her out. But much remains unsaid. I'm considering a plan of attack. Either way, I'm looking forward to the next time she pops into my office. I kinda hope a bunch of serves die again today. :) Yesterday was exceedingly pleasant talking about geeky things. She called me chic geek. Which I suppose means I dress well even though I'm a dork.

I bought a Lords of Acid CD and Moby's Hotel yesterday for $15 at Preplayed. I &hearts Lords of Acid because, not only are they hilarious, but they don't stick to a single style of techno. I heard some jungle, happy hardcore and Detroit house on the CD and I've only heard about 50% of it. I had forgotten of the existence of the first song, "Am I sexy?" which I loved in college and high school. It's simple, a little synth pop-y but fun. And it's mostly in French. Hurrah!

Moby is getting a little lighter and more popular music-y in Hotel. I still like it because he throws a decent beat and I like the mystique of it. But I was hoping for something a bit more like Play which was a fabulous album. I suppose I'm just biased and should have been obvious since CD2 is title Hotel:Ambient. I don't much like House or Ambient from which he seems to pull a lot for Hotel. Also, there's the musical masturbation. That's where the singer dupes their voice track and layers it to make the sound louder, more robust or sound like multiple people singing. Nearly EVERY female vocalist in the 80s did it because technology sucked and the boards couldn't mix the voices and instruments well enough to balance. Plus female voices are easily lost in complex music. Pitches and such. It just kinda annoys me. Less natural.

I'm actually going to listen to genghisishippie and use the term Phlogging. "Phlogging" shall now refer to the process where I go out and get pictures because saying, "Hey, anyone want to go Phlogging?" is far more fun that asking for company to go photo shooting. Plus, some of you may take note and want to come more often. :P I suppose I could even include a little flogging in there, if you're nice. Or really, really bad. >:)

Additionally, because it is funny, those that come with me shall be referred to as "sherpas." It amuses me and I may ask you to carry my tripod (oh baby).

I keep forgetting to read the fucking manual on how my Nikon's light meter works. I've been getting much better at choosing shutter speeds and aperture settings manually but I'm still losing shots to over or under exposure. In the case of the last Phlogging session (he he) I lost a lot of good light/sky conditions as the clouds went from patchy to overcast. (See last night's post.) I need to be speedier and more accurate with my choices so I don't lose moments like that. The sky was great for a few of those shots but not as many as possible.

But on the plus side, I'm getting better in general. There's still something I can't put my finger on that I'm missing. But that could be found in accurate metering. We'll see.

Aside to alyska: I got one texture shot that I'm going to post. It was some ivy on glass that I played with. I'll post it later this afternoon. Not sure if it's what you were thinking when you said "texture" but I liked the contrast of leaves on glass. I'm also going to make prints of this photo 'cuz I like it so much.

Aside to that aside: I find that the random quick shots more likely are the best ones. I took two or three shots of this ivy covered window and all of them turned out really well. I call these "muse moments" where I seem to surpass my apparent abilities to catch some seemingly random thing. Kinda cool.

I'm also becoming a slave to my camera. When I have it with me and I see something that could be even remotely interesting, I go nuts if I don't shoot it. Last Saturday I left a party to take some pictures of an ivy covered wall at the Terrace I had seen about an hour earlier. It kept nagging at me. This is a state of being I always equated with artist types. Now that i'm feeling it more, it's annoying. Left a party with attractive Christians to take pictures of ivy?? The hell? But I'm secretly glad to have fallen into it given my definitions of artist. Still a lot to go but we'll see, no?

[Ren Faire]
Still going Saturday. Won't you join us? Three spaces open. We'll probably leave around 10 to get there around noon.

And that's life. Hormones, pictures, wenches.
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