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Bu. bu. bu. buh-Caw!

Bowl kitty!
Bowl kitty!

I feel like I've been running around like a chicken sans head. So many things going on that I've had to coordinate. Apparently a bunch of fixes weren't applied to all the places they were to be applied or weren't even created yet. I wasted about three hours of testing time today beating my head against a wall that wasn't there. Well, maybe not wasted because I will end up saving money and time for us and customers, I think. Still frustrating.

I've gone into deadline mode.
The deadline isn't until August 17th. 3 weeks away.
Yeah, I'm kinda crazy.

Things I've decided to do after work:
  • Get Allergy meds and cookies.
  • Cash communal account reimbursement.
  • Get new headphones from somewhere.
  • Get booklet for FFX2 at BnN
  • Get coffee and relax a few.
  • Go home.
  • Calzones for dinner.
  • Video games and cookies.
    I'm in a teleconference right now. This makes me cooler than you. :P
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