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Three points.

Three things.

1) Lady in the Water is cheesy, silly, predictable and I loved every minute of it.

2) Days where I am most reluctant to ride to work are the days I need it the most.

3) I am mostly supportive of my S.O.'s polyamory.
Yes, that sounds bad just saying it right out so I'd like to explain. :)

Whether I am supportive of polyamory in my S.O.'s came up last night for various reasons. I realized that I can answer both ways to this most days for a number of reasons. I was vaguely disconcerted at my own hypocrisy, how could I be supportive of one being poly and not for another? Clearly there must be some mitigating factor in all this. It is security. I am far more supportive and more willing to be supportive if I have confidence in the strength of my relationship.

In that case, it's no wonder that I'm OK with Fox having other relationships but it also explains why I was a little worried when she started up with graydancer. At the time all I was seeing was her crazy-happy attitudes over that New Relationship SmellTM (now available in floral, musk and mink oil!). At the time I was getting the reassurance (nor was I really asking for it) that I needed. My liking of being poly was wavering. Now, it's all gravy.

But that's important to see and I think it makes sense. Why would I want an SO to date someone else when I don't think she and I are doing so well? So, no I don't think I'm going to be 100% gung-ho about seeing them with other people. However, give me security and go enjoy your polka-dotted pastures. I just need to know that you'll still want me.

And I'm guessing a whole bunch of you are nodding your heads. Yep, you knew that. It's so obvious.
Well nuts to you. :P
In an semi-unrelated note, I just spent 10 minutes talking final fantasy games with the nice blond girl I have crush on.
Good morning so far. :)
And now I'm plagued by the desire to restart FFX2... Maybe I'll actually finish it if i try again. but i'm feeling lazy (not the lack of punctuation? That's good symbology)... maybe get a walk through so I can pwn it cheater style. :)
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