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Do ya like beans? If not, get the FUCK out!

I'm currently answering stupid questions on OKCupid. I wonder about some and about tose that say X answer to Y silly question is mandatory. I think I've selected maybe a dozen (out of 760+ answered) questions that I consider mandatory. I'm procrastinating going to the gym so I'll post some:
  • Do you like to cuddle after sex? (Yes.)
  • When I come across something I don't understand online, on TV, in a book, I......ask someone who might know about it.(...look it up myself.)
  • Would it bother you if your boss was a minority, female, or gay? Yes, one or more of those types bother meNot really, but maybeNot sure(No)
  • How much can intelligence turn you on? (Intelligence can turn me on a lot!)Intelligence can turn me on a bit.Intelligence does nothing for me either way.Intelligence turns me off.
  • What type of humour do you enjoy most? Ribald, crude, debasing(Witty, tongue-in-cheek)Slapstick, physical, farceSarcastic
  • Honestly, did you ever torture a cat, dog, or any other furry animal for pleasure? Yes, but I regret it.(NO WAY!)Yeah, that's fun.No, but I would do it.
  • Do you ever spit on the ground, in public? Yes(No)
  • Are geeks sexy? (Yes)No

    I suppose some of those make sense but I don't feel so strongly as to dismiss potential partners because they don't agree with me. Differences keep things fun, no?

    Slept well last night. Had a nice rendez-vous with Aetrix9... our first in a very, very, very, very long time. Few minor problems but good talk and excellent application toys. I'm going to get one for me and Fox. German engineered. And pink. :)
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