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I seem to be the only person not moving their office already. Am I the only one wanting to get work done before hand? Or am I too much a workaholic to know when I could give myself an easy day? :)

Had a weird meeting today with another team today where my team mate presented one of our really important functions. I knew what he was talking about which was good. I also found out he was as lost as I when they started talking crazy detailed stuff in their application. I feel less stupid which is good. Best part is we know have a document that starts outlining important functions which I'm going to use as a base for the internal training classes we need. Good step in that direction. Not really looking forward to training the company's QAers but it must be done.

I non-work news my quesadilla from last night was soggy and therefore inedible. Pbbttlll getting food out again.

I keep thinking about that first dream last night, not focusing on the ridicule bits. It was pretty hot. Too bad my dream glossed over some of the knots that may have been decent. I don't really recall if they were any god but I'm all for dream inspiration.

I found an old webcam pic, probably over a year old.
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