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Dream image.

I had two really vivid dreams last night.

The first was a terrible sex dream. Terrible in that it was ridiculing, insulting and emasculating. I began at work. There's a girl on one of the QA teams I've wanted to ask out for months. In the dream she was an amalgam of this girl, Aetrix9 and Deep_Blue_. I had finally asked her out and we were driving around the city looking for a club called Rabbit. It was at the intersection of Speedway and Mineral Point though in the dream that intersection looking like the plaza that contains Rock 'n Roll McDonald's and Ed Debevic's in Chicago. It was dusk when we arrived to an out door party. People were wearing all manner of fetish gear and doing all manner of sexual things. I recognized Evilevi who was wearing a Goldilocks costume and a strap-on while fucking some small person of indiscriminate sex. Other people I know from work were there in latex cat suits whipping each other; a few LJ people were there situated in various sexual devices masturbating (I'm embarrassed to admit who they were at the moment).

Amalgam girl and I walked through the crowd and watched before she asked me to tie her up. I pulled out a single 100 ft length and began to worry that I'd mess something up or not get really excited and generally fail to perform. To assuage what ever fears I had I lead Amalgam Girl in a series of domination exercise commands. I laid her out on this pedestal thing that I found and began pacing around it while I gave her these commands. I had her undress as I demanded; I had her hold various poses while I slapped her thighs and ass. The whole while she was mocking me telling me that I was bad at this and that I couldn't get it up. That I didn't find her attractive that I was worthless.

Dream time passes and I have her bound in lots of rope. She is still berating me and I'm feeling severely angry at her. I slap her harder and with more frequency. This begins to turn me on. I get more into it and she starts shifting between these three people she represents each of them chiding me for various reasons. One because I can't get aroused without violence in this situation. One for being weak and one for not being enough of what she wanted in a sexual partner. I eventually give out, erection flying and kneel down beside her. I look her straight in the eyes and tell her, "Fuck you." Her last words were something along the lines of, "You couldn't if you wanted to." and I wake up.

The second dream I'm at work. Apparently work entails large pools where I lead people in some sort of aerobics and QA work. Epic's VP is there next to me watching as I lead the class. He's talking to me about taking over the patient safety group who are the people in front of me. We discuss vaguely what that means, the sorts of paper work it entails and customer contacts. As we wind down the discussion a huge airplane above us crashes into an invisible wall that extends up from the wall of the pool. It flips over and lands in front of me. VP and I rush in to fix the patient safety issue (apparently plane crashes are our problem...). Inside the plane are half a dozen happy, bright eyed blond children (all of whom look like Labelle77's son). They're all safely buckled in and no the worse for wear after the crash. The VP pulls out a bottle of alcohol based soap and squirts a glob into my hand. I ask him what it is for. Does he want me to lube up the windows and try to get the children through them? He says, "No, Silly. I want you to wash their faces." So I wash their faces and the dream starts over. A different plane crashes the second time through. It's very angular and box-like. Everything else is the same.

I'd analyze these in public but I think the meanings are pretty damn clear, especially in that first one.

It's Friday. I'm very happy that it's Friday. I want to be happy about this weekend and the Cap Brewery tasting to which we're going but I'm worrying about silly things semi-related. I think I'm just tired and didn't sleep well for obvious reasons. Bleh.

So most of the photos from the last weekend are useless what with the accidental setting of ISO 1600. Too much grain in many of them. I changed the setting last night and hopefully some of the 60 pictures I took around the union will turn out well. I couldn't find too much fun stuff or decent angles to get overall but I few potential gems. I'm finding with landscapes that it's hard to get the right elevation to get a good shit. The lakes are really pretty and I like the but I don't like photographing. Part of what makes for an interesting photo is showing something normal in a different way. You can interpret this literally and change the angle of view of your subject, like capturing a flower from underneath as an example. Depending on the size of the subject, I think, I need to increasingly shift the size of angle change. Meaning, small subjects only really need small adjustments to set them apart; whereas, large subjects need grander changes to make a better photo. With landscapes the best way to view them "in a different way" really is from above, like on a tall building. I couldn't find a good way to get on the room of the Union which I think would offer some great shots of the crowd that gathers as well as get some nice photos of the lake in its entirety.

Something to ponder next time I'm in a tall building.
Oh yeah, I forgot. My office mate moved into our new office last night. So I get to listen to my music without worry of bugging him today. Yay! I may even be able to catch up on some pod casts.

Our new digs overlooks the cemetery on Mineral Point. Western exposure means I can put my back to the window without substantial glare and look out the office door.

Plus I can be the first line of defense when the zombie horde rises!
I'm feeling better after some breakfast.
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