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Off day.

All my meetings went over yesterday. Hooray for 13 hour work days.

Um... yeah. Came home to clean clothes (no smelly cycling clothes) and a broken internet which I couldn't fix. But I did learn I'm fairly aware of how the wireless works as well as how our house is wired. I also learned that I should call Charter when the internet is broken rather than digging around in the walls to check connections first; this, though, is ultimately against my character. I'd rather eliminate all possibilities on my end before asking some one else so I don't look like a fool for missing something obvious. Eh. Hope it's back up when I get home today.

Feeling oddly listless today. It's another QAN war room day but the war room is booked. I can't afford a day for QA notes, need to test logs so I'm going to do so. Feel vaguely like I'm the slacker today even though the war room is for the developers. Maybe not listless... lost? I don't know. Everything feels off, akimbo to correct.

Should edit trip pictures.
Should go to gym.
Should return modem... finally. (stupid other side of town address)
Should wash sheets.

I don't think I slept to well last night. Lots of weird dreams about sex, dreams about meetings and dreams about travel. Woke up sweaty and with sheets pulled off bed.
pbbttlltlll Do over.

BUT! I do have animal crackers. Mmm.. monkey cookie.
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