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Quickie. Cuz I need to let my brain rest.

Gah! No chance to rest. Super Meeting Happy Funtime dayTM is especially hectic today. You gotta worry when bathroom time is "relaxing."
Also, the AC is busted on my half of the building.

I have been at my desk for about two hours.
What have I done today, 'cuz it feels like nothing.

Redrew an icon for Cadence dev.
-Gotta do one more today.
Emailed VP and RnD management survey rsults.
Tested an acct log.
-had to install a new Virtual Machine for this.
Did QA rankings.
Work plan for the week.
Emails of DoomTM.
Ungodly Unified Clinical Workspace thingy.

Geez. Gotta leave in 30 minutes to shower and go to those other 5 hours of meetings. The two hour meeting wasn't canceled. :( Though I'm promised to come home to clean laundry in some amount. This is exciting.

No. I don't smell.

PS: "I just copied and pasted the last version," is not a good excuse for shitty testing notes.
Bastidge jerk.

PPS: I forgot that we went to the mustard museum yesterday too. I bought a curry mustard and a.... uh.. something fruity? I can't remember.
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