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That is lady_fox on the left and Sarah on the right. Not sure of the latter has an LJ. I looked through my photos from the art show and noted that, actually, I had more photos of her than of Rasputin. I suppose sexual attraction shadows artistic fascination. Sadly the photos of her were plagued by blur more than his.

More sadly I've only got one of two more photos from the entire night that were salvageable.

I enjoyed the lab I was in. I really enjoy coding. I just wish that I were better at it so I could give more time to it. I should get another tester on my team so I could work on all the niggling little things that no one has done. Hmmm.. interesting idea. Function less like a tester and more like a catch all for everything else that hasn't been done for my application. That would be fun, actually. Then I could get to everything else that I want to get to like rewriting the training guides, training the company, writing test plans, doing code work, organizing implementation guides.

I want to be a jack of all trades, I suppose. There's no way I could get another tester though. We can't even get another developer when we've been desperate for one for well over a year.

I need a photography icon.
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