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From sculplady's art show. This is the guy I was following around most of the night.
I like his shirt.

I learned two things from that night. 1) stand still when shooting from the hip. And 2) adjust depth of field to infinity to avoid blur.
I forgot this important point so many shots were blurry because I had a shallow depth of field.

Headache getting worse. Going to bed.
Maybe tomorrow will be really productive.

Shit, no. I'm in a lab all tomorrow in Verona. Damn. I think I'm going to try to bike the 8 miles tomorrow.
evilevi: lunch tomorrow if you actually take them? :)
If I'm not there, please scrape me off M.

And molly got out of the basement. Electra will probably come out some time next year.
Damn cats.
Aaand I seem to be bleeding from pinning molly down....
Finish a deceent ending in mediocre night with a meme.
<td align="center"> Angrybunnyman --

A dance involving little to no clothing

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at</td>

And how!
This entry brought to you by the Anti-Dialup League.
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