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Crap. I forgot to eat and have a lunch meeting. Grr.

I've been drawing icons all day, 16x16 pixels one at a time. I get really engrossed in them.
Hotdog phone!

It is silly, yes. I doubt it's going anywhere. :)
Oh. My. Goddess. The tacos meat from last night is 10x better today.

Taco meat:
1.5 lbs ground beef.
1 andouille sausage, minced.
3 ounces buffalo sausage, minced
2ish tbls Salt
3 tbls Pepper
4 tbls Paprika
Liberal amounts of Penzy's Fajita seasoning.
Ceyenne to taste.

Oh man. So good. The flavors have mingled. Last night I could taste the andouille and buffalo among the beef but now it's leveled off and tastes a little spicy, lots of savory and the perfect amount of animal. mmm.
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