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Arghle bargle! - Portrait of a Young Man as The Artist — LiveJournal
Arghle bargle!
Many Big Bag Things going on at work. I can't say I'm happy. Mostly because I wasn't informed quickly and wouldn't have been informed had I not asked. I dislike that I must force myself into things to help if I can. I'm getting minor internal rumblings over respect in my job but that's just idle grumblings likely surfacing from confidence issues as of late.
Besides, I have a cookie that ensures me things will be brighter in the future.
I'm going to trust him on this. He has chocolate chips.

"No! Don't eat me!"
<numma numma!>

Current Mood: crazy crazy
Current Music: Jem - They

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nathan_lounge From: nathan_lounge Date: July 10th, 2006 05:09 pm (UTC) (Link)

Guns are the answer

Just remember. If you're ever having self confidence issues, just keep a loaded pistol in your desk. Stroking a loaded gun while talking to someone who you fear doesn't respect you will entirely change your outlook on like. Plus, when you're pissed off, you can whip it out and shoot your computer screen (awesomely cinamatic and no harm done to your work). AND when you're happy/excited you can fire it into the air while either screaming "praise allah!" or "YEEEE-HAW!"
abmann From: abmann Date: July 10th, 2006 05:24 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Guns are the answer

I'm not much for the guns. Plus, I don't want to get fired.

You need to make me a professional artistic photographer making millions a year. Get on that. Now.
nathan_lounge From: nathan_lounge Date: July 11th, 2006 04:22 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: Guns are the answer

Wait a tick...

1. You like naked people.
2. You like taking pictures.
3. You like taking pictures of naked people.
4. I'm assuming that sexy naked people having sex is about the same in the above statements.


Done and done.

You should give me a harder task next time. Now get on your new life as a porno photographer.
abmann From: abmann Date: July 11th, 2006 12:19 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Guns are the answer

Did you miss the "artistic" up there? Artistic does not equal porno, honkey.
nathan_lounge From: nathan_lounge Date: July 11th, 2006 03:41 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Guns are the answer

Stop lying, liar.

Your work can both be artistic and sexy. I mean, look at that chick on the clam. You should take pictures of chicks and clams.
fencert From: fencert Date: July 10th, 2006 06:26 pm (UTC) (Link)
I hear the cookie voices too. Their words are as sweet as the mouthfuls they make. But here in Tucson I am on a strict diet. No sweets. The closest I'll come is a little bit of bananna bread.

Your posts make me laugh.
abmann From: abmann Date: July 10th, 2006 06:35 pm (UTC) (Link)
I really should stop eating so many sweets. I've been getting really bad about it as of late. I worry that I'm going to gain non-muscle weight. Plroblematically, I've been in such a mind set that I just don't care about it.

I think I need to get back on tyhe tread mill evn though I'm riding to work most days. Maybe that will help.

I'm glad you like my posts. I write for other people too, not just because I'm a vain bastard. :)
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