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Hello photo.

Ok, so here is my plan.
I have been to the gym.
I'm going to shower.

After that I'm going to pick up my camera and come home to figure it out. Then to State st. to take some shots. I may do BW3 for foodage around 5 or 6. Company is highly desired. I don't really like doing these sorts of things on my own, for some reason. Plus, Fox has a date with Gray so I don't really want to be home on my own. Therapy, you see. :) I know many people are working but should be free by the time I want to eat. Call if you like photo-taking bunnies. :) Cell number posted earlier today.

alyska: Sunday morning would work for a photo outing. I have a date with Aetrix that evening, time unknown but probably around 6 or 7.
Foiled by Minnesota!
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