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I'm feeling no buyer's remorse. Apparently a few months of saving and 2 years of planning, researching and genearlly cogitating buying a DSLR is all I need to be OK with a big purchase.

So, I went to The Camera Co. 1.5 miles from my house. I told the guy to line up the Nikon d50, d70 and the Canon 20d before me and answer my questions. He did so but pulled the Canon 30D because Canon no longer sells the 20D. Fine. But he also pulled the Canon 300D, AKA the Digital Rebel. I asked what was up with it and he said it's a solid camera, maybe even better than the d70. Ok, sure. Let's throw that in. It's even got a rebate going and starts $200 cheaper than the d70.

So I ask him some basic stuff like what levels of customizability each has, WB, ISO etc; how the user interfaces worked; how the lenses worked. He ran through the interfaces focusing on the Digital Rebel. I admit the Rebel had a very sleek user interface with everything functionable with one hand. The Nikon was a little slower with needing two hands to change settings. But when looking through the settings the Rebel didn't have the range of even the d50.

I asked of price. The 30D is 1400 with lense, the rebel 700, the D50 800 and the D70 1000. K, no 30D for me thanks. Too high. "But it's a good camera. 8.1 megapixels, man. 9 points of focus." 8.1 megapixels translates to about .33 inches in larger prints plus does nothing for normal print sizes in quality. "But what if you want to print poster sizes?" How would 8.1 megapixels matter at 3ft by 4ft at all? "8 Megapixels!" That's a dumbed down version of our exchange regarding megapixels and the Rebel.

I picked up each camera and felt the weight. The Rebel was nice and light but the focal range of the kit lens was terrible. Both Nikons had the same lens and excellent focal length and depth of field in my little bits of playing. The Rebel lens was a little loser, I could adjust it with my nub pretty well but it had no depth of focus adjustment (I think that's aperture). The Nikon was tougher to adjust and would likelt require moving the camera from my face. Plus the Nikon skews the weight of the camera closer to the right side. This means most of the support comes from the right hand, my only hand whch makes the Nikons far more comfortable and secure for me.

As far as function, I didn't ask him much more than which camera could adjust what setting. The guy had no idea what I started talking ISO levels and range of bracketing. i admit, though, I already knew what could do what. The Rebel has less range of adjustment and allows no control of metering and some focus. The Nikons have weird Iso steps, better WB control and changeable aperture by hand. I as highly amused that every time asked this guy something bout the nikon he ended up talking about the Rebel and how easy it was to use and how cheaper and 8 megapixels!

I steared the conversation towards printer, printing and file formats. I was kinda tired not getting my questions answered about the Nikons. Plus I wanted a moment to listen to myself. His arguements for the Rebel, obvious bias and megapixels aside, were good. It would be easier to use and faster to adjust between shooting.

That's how much my Nikon d70 with lens and 2G flash card cost. It's being sent from the East side store because they were out of all their Nikon stock. (They had plenty of Canon in stock ;P). I pick it up tomorrow!

Happy birthday to me. :)
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