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Ok, so I'm going to finally admit something that has been really difficlt to point out. July 5th is my birthday. I'm not pointing tis out because I want or expect anything but because it's relevent to the game we're going to play. :)

Last night I whipped out the birthday card to get leleth_faery to firmly decide to go to Inferno on Wednesday, She was wavering and I wanted her to join the few of us that are going already. (Let's not talk about the guilt I have over that manipulation for now.)

She asked me how old I was, how old I will be on Thursday. When I told her, she was surprised, mightily or not I don't know. I was blissed out in her lap from head scritches and wasn't able to open my eyes. Hooray for nails, by the way. By the way, getting me to that stae is far to evil. I become all putty like and they (she and Fox) made me say silly things without realizing it.

So! I ask to you people, how old do you think I am? Many of you know, or have some vague notion, and I want to know what you'd say. To help in the most infuriating way possible, I can say that no one has ever guessed correctly, or even closely assuming for a standard deviation of about 2 years - which seems to be the case - where one standard deviation out from center contains roughly 70% of the population surveyed. :)

Now, no fair looking at back entries or my user info (from which I deleted the date you cheaters). Just assign me an age and try to explain your reasons why you chose that. I'm curious.

I'm going to raid the free goodies in the Prairie Crest commons. Seems it was left unlocked. If someone actually needs or wants me today, I'll be in the Verona apartment for the next few hours doing laundry with the occasional interlude to check email when I get boed watching Gilmore Girls. If you come by, scream for me in the attached parking lot. No buzzer but I have the windows open.

Edit: I forgot to note that my cell phone is dead and I'm without my charger. Thus the weird lengths to reach me.
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