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Silly poll and a dream because I DON'T POST ENOUGH.

Worse vision of they future?

28 Days
28 Days Later

I just remembered I had a terrible dream about identity theft last night. Some virus got on my laptop that stole my banking information when I logged on last night. When I woke up all my money was gone, we'd been evicted and the police were after me. I vaguely remember Fugitive like scenes in sewers and fixing the theft problem by beating the crap out of the virus' author. Then I woke up briefly wheh Fox came to bed and immediately had another dream about identity theft that started the exact same way only this time I recognized what was going on, uplugged my compter from the nextwork, and ran my virus scan. Then I beat up the hacker again. Seriously.

Lessons learned:
Fox fixes identitfy theft awareness.
Fighting games before bed make me violent. :)
Hackers are easy to beat up.
It wasn't me, it was the one armed man.
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