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BEHOLD: geekery!

Guilty Gear Isuka arrived on Wednesday and I busted it out last night. Holy crap is the game weird. Dolphins, scythes, bondage hair, pink grim reapers? Nutty. But fun. The game has it out for me already, the truth to which aetrix9 may attest. I was playing Arcade mode which is just bad guy after bad guy until you hit survival level 99(9?) and the Big Bad busts out to rape you in the ear. I was at 77ish whn I gave up. You see, the game decided that half way through my single matches I was going to be transported to the Daredevil Level which is two CPUs versus me, alone. It did this 9 levels in a row! I got a little frustrated. I mean, I was just trying to learn the darn game!

I stopped playing but didn't die so I lost all the progress i made. To unlock a few things you have to get certain scores on Arcade. Bleh.

On the plus side, I decided I like the zombie character, Zappa, the best. He's goofy but predictable enough that I have learned most of his moves already. Though I haven't understood how some of the weirder things work. He can pull out healper sprites: ghosts, a dog, or a sword. Occasionally he sprouts these orbs. If you get enough orbs and do the helper sprite buttons you turn into this uber blue god thing. Problem is I can't figure how to produce those orbs reliably. I'll get it eventually. For now, I'm glad that button mashing is an acceptable form of play.

I still really like Faust, the 9 ft doctor with the 6 ft scalpel but he's too slow and too unpredictable for a beginner. I'll stick with the zombie. Now to get the room mates to play.

And because I'm thinking of zombies now:

Favorite post-apocalypse reality?

Mad Max
Soylent Green
The Terminator
A Boy and his Dog
A Canticle for Leibowitz
Johnny Mnemonic
Escape from L.A.
Planet of the Apes
Tank Girl
28 Days
Y: The Last Man
Alas, Babylon

Feeling mediocre today. Didn't cycle again. Been a lazy week with too many Verona meetings.
Next week promises to be so much better.

Don't forget! Housewarming on Saturday!
I've sent out 1 set of directions. Everyone else know how to get there?
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