The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

I escaped from the Dungeon of Angrybunnyman!

I killed Rianwyn the minotaur, Minami Neko the leprechaun, Leleth Faery the giant spider, Porphyre the fire elemental, Que Emocionante the orc, Tytoalba the arch-demon, Andamaroo the fire elemental, Pawprintletters the troll, Elenuial the gelatinous cube, Lady Fox the minotaur, Ifoxwrite the leprechaun, Ladylostris the goblin, Alaman the minotaur, Graydancer the mind flayer, Pkstudios the giant spider, Nathan Lounge the zombie, Cunningminx the fire elemental, Monkey Bait the leprechaun, Techdragon the mind flayer, Feodoric the owlbear, Runthebear the giant spider, Thegelf the orc, Questingfalcon the owlbear, Darkskywatcher the giant spider, White Elk the zombie, Maelel the gelatinous cube, Deep Blue the zombie, Thian Un the rat, Returnofglitter the dragon, Ownedproperty the leprechaun, Draconicmist the owlbear, Manleyhouse the troll, Suburbaknght the minotaur, Poppajoe the leprechaun, Shortcakeness the troll, Crazybunnyman the owlbear and Feloniouscat the owlbear.

I looted a Figurine of Ohsochewy, a Figurine of Fiendishx, a Figurine of Juniperlore, the Dagger of Assfingers, a Figurine of Evilevi, the Dagger of Photography, the Amulet of ψ, the Crown of Eleventyseven, the Wand of Yungfuktoi , the Sword of Sculplady, the Armour of Cracklizard, the Sceptre of Bondage, the Axe of Rope, the Crown of Kazac, the Shield of Fencert, the Shield of Poi, the Dagger of Hermitgeecko and 1107 gold pieces.

Score: 1507

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