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Mmm.. peas.

Something to entertain lady_fox... and the rest of you crazies.
...especially the vegetarians.

I brought a Tupperware container full of pea pods fresh picked last weekend. I admit, I'm getting a little too much joy eating them - the carnivorous glee I assume psychopaths get. Yes, I'm referring to my glee of eating a vegetable as carnivorous. Shush.

    How to invade Poland a pea pod with one hand
  1. Take the pod and roll it in your fingers.
  2. Turn it so your thumb is on the blunt end.
    • one end tapers where it was attached to the plant, you want the other end.

  3. Hold the pod so the arch of it is against your palm.
  4. Squeeze the blunt end between your thumb and forefinger.
    • You should hear a ripe pop when the seam breaks.

  5. Place thumb nail into groove on the underside.
  6. Lightly run your finger along the groove, increasing the pressure as you go.
    • If you're doing it properly, your thumb will sink inside the pod about two peas in.

  7. Pull apart with thumb and forefinger to butterfly the pod.
  8. Eat peas.

come on, popping sounds, finger nails ripping. It's almost carnal.

If you do it right you'll totally understand why I'm enjoying these peas so much. >:)
I may have to take pictures of the process tonight, if'n y'all r interested.
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