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Good night + PAIN = random association :P

    A Few Things in order of happenstance in my brain today:
  1. Urotsakidoji + cuddling with leleth_faery is a Good Thing.
  2. I laugh too hard at exploding demon sex.
  3. I don't make enough stir fry.
  4. I REALLY like the bedroom.
  5. Post cycling endorphines make my mornings better.
  6. Why haven't I frisbee golfed yet?
  7. Where's my package?

These are scary. (
  "This bigger, thicker handle, when combined with the heavier, 
  beefier lash allows our new Sjambok to be swung with even greater 
  power and control making it a must have whip for city people and 
  country dwellers alike."
  More on the history.(

This week is busy.
Next week I have 2.5 days off. Yay!
Tags: cuddling, cycling, frisbee golf, hentai, sjambok, weapons, whips
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