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First coat of paint is up. Took about 3.5 hours. 1 gallon is about three ounces too little for the entire room. I had to press the roller hard against the and work hard to get the last bit finished. I think I'll bleed the next gallon dry.. though I should save some for touch-ups and the outlet hardware.

The cutting on the first 2.5 walls is terrible but I got much better on the last 1.5. My rolling turned shitty, apparently, by the last wall. Streaks everywhere. My hand hurts. Probablu much of the reason why my rolling got worse.

I really hope the second coat blends everything well. Shouldn't take as long either since I don't need to cut again, I think.

Painting takes a long time by your self. <pooped!>
Painty toes!
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