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Optic blast ergonomics

Lately I've had the very uncharacteristic desire to play video games. I haven't had the active urge to play games since junior year in college (three years ago for those keeping track). Not only that but it's so specific, my desires havebeen for a very specific genre - 2d fighting games. It's weird. Jonesin' for Street Fighter? King of Fighters? Guilty Gear? Weird

To that end, I loaded up X-Men Versus Street Fighter yesterday which, by the way, is the best game dream_speaker ever bought and forget to keep at the end of a summer. Oh man, so fun getting my ass kicked by teh computer. I'm so damnm out of practice. I had it at 2 (of 8) difficulty and couldn't get past the second fight. I was slow, forgot to block constantly and couldn't whip out any super special attacks. Oh and, fuck you gambit and your constant corner card combos. I remembered why I stopped playing these games, the PS2 ergonomic controllers.

You know those two hand holds? The curved thingers that project out the bottom that fit ionto yuor hands so well? Well they don't fit into my hand, durn it. I have to play with the controller on my leg which means the PS2 control is tilted away from my arm adn hand. I want those things GONE. I miss the flat SNES controllers that sat perfectly on my lap to play. My nub fits perfectly on the D-pad, no sliding, when the controller is flat. On the PS2 tiklted pad, I slide off adn can't keep my arm centered. Couldn't keep the flat controller, oh no. Had to add more buttons and make them more comfortable for 99% of the population. Jerks. I used to be able to belt out constant yoga flames, man, on those flat controlers. Now, I can barely get out a single Ha-do-ken, let alone a Dragon Punch. Lightning Kicks and Thousand Hand Slaps are my only succor. :(

That aside aside (hee)it was much fun playing the games again, so much that I actually bought a new game (whoa). I order Guilty Gear Isuka this morning. It's the second most recent installment in the series, the most recent in America. Hooray for bizzare Japanese rock 'n roll characters, heavy metal songs and beating the snot out of people. You can't get much better than a game with 9ft tall doctors that fight lower than the shortest character in the game. :)

So, who wants to hand me my 2d ass at the party on July 1st (we're not changing the date)?

PS: Anyone know of a flat PS2 controller? I'd covet you forever, or something, if you knew where I could find one.

Also: fridaypoll. 100% of your daily Riboflavin.
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