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Dao of Discourse

The silence constructed
into a conversation is chimerical,
a fantasy of our inability
to speak our mind. We can talk here
because there are no boundaries
of mind and indiscretion. You speak
and we listen with open and active minds.

Discourse unhurried like two men
talking of the ditch a chinese man made
in golden fervor is the epitome of civilization
We can talk just as well as we type
when our minds, supple as olympic gymnasts,
are freely swaying in unrelenting tranquility.
Adding substance to electronic exchange
blocks us only as far
as we allow our minds to shut down.
Circuity needs electricity
like discourse needs pace - the Mu state.

This is why we cannot speak:
we are not here.

Think I have too many metaphors? How's the pacing on tis one?

People still reading this stuff?
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