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Weekend misc.

Soggy Grapenuts = yuck.

This weekend could have been better. I spent most of it really depressed (from both internal adn external reasoning) and frustrated (by external goings-on). I don't see an alleviation to any of it forthcoming.

Supercool plus - I am donig well enough financially that I do not need to put off buying a rack and a pannier for my bike. I'll be doing that today after the gym then cycling to Target to get some bathroom stuff. Then I'll probably die somewhere before I get home from exhaustion and dehydration. If you see my perspiring corpse on the road, please be so kind as to bury me for mulch in the UW research garden. :)

Aetrix pointed out an interesting potentiality in my body. Fat people have more skin and, subsequently, more sweat glands. So, I may sweat so much because I still have fat man glands (I'm not fat, my glands are!). I wish my skin would kick it up a notch and regenerate faster. It is bugging me.

Fox gave me an hour-long body massage yesterday. I fell asleep while she worked my legs. It was really nice.

Also nifty ice cream last night with Leleth and Fox.

Edit: I have the bloody jingle for Madison Union Cabs stuck in my head. SHOOT ME PLZ!
"call two-four-two two thousand. two-four-two two thousand.
Two! Four! Two! Two thousand! Union caaaAAAaab"
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