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My sleep pattern has gotten so regimented adn trrible at that. Now at approximately 5:00 am every morning I wake up. It doesn't matter if I'm dreaming, there's no loud noise, no light. I shoot awake. Today, for example, I was having lively, lust filled draems and BAM I'm awake in the middle of them. Annoying. I may try adfjusting my bedtime by an hour so I wake up when I need to get up but I don't like the idea of going to bed at 11 to get up at 6.

It will be an interesting battle as we are trying to merge three kitchens into one. Currently, my utilities and... well, everything useful, has been relegated to a set of shelves in the Living Room2. I have draped artfully a sheet over it so we can pretend we don't have hardware shelving in our Living Room2. I hate shelves like that in a house but until we can get a nice corner cabinet it must suffice. The truly hard part, though, will be finding cabinet space for misc. dry goods adn cooking supplies. both Aetrix and I (and Fox by extension) have enough spices for a full corner cabinet shelf... but she's altredy moved her's in so mine (ours) sets upon the floor in the backpack we used to move them. Depressing. I need to feel like that kitchen is partly mine and I'm not getting that now, especially when we're using none of our silverware and I have 1 skillet avaiable... in the Living Room2.

My chain fell off while I was in the left turn lane at Gammon and Mineral Point this morning. It was easy enough to replace but I'm curious how it happened. I think the huge fricking pothole I hit at Gammon and Gammon Plaza jarred it and down shifting two gears finished it off. Glad I back pedaled before the light changed.

I've set The Great Camera Attaining for July 5th. My savings is sitting just under my arbitrary goal amount ($1000 + cost of camera and lens kit). If I am careful, the gap will close July 1st with leftover monies from this month and the day I buy it my normal auto transfer will continue but not be "used" for the camera. The task for this weekend will be to find from where I may purchase it

I'm kinda antsy but in a weird way. Firstly, I'm buying this with real money, no loans, which is very responsible but strange. I've bever had this much money in savings and I'm going to, essentially, chop it in half? Frightening. Plus, I'm going from shit camera to a really nice Prosumer DSLR. Can I handle it? Can I learn it? Am I good enough for that much camera?

I dunno. It seems hard to justify spending that much money for something I'm not going to use everday, especially now that I don't really buy "useless" things... Well, I may use it everyday. I'm considering getting a padded bike rack case for it....

That's not true. I bought a terrible sandwich and sweet coffee yesterday at BnN while I was out.
Terrible sam'mich.

I fear my journal has become utterly prosaic these last two weeks. I have no sex stories, no art, no photography to speak of. It's sad. But it's Friday at least. Though more unpacking must happen this weekend. Blah.

Hooray for suburbaknght! He accepted a QA position with Epic.
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