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Chicken wings were really, really good last night. But, splitting headache last night too. Took a long bath and nearly blackedout from... whatever getting out of the tub. Passed out until 3 am when the birds outside decided to wake up. I forget that with trees come sqwaking birds, and right now all the baby birds are pretty loud. So is Poe, but that's a different story.

All the cats "quirks" have asserted in force since we moved. Electra is coming out more, especially when I dope her on catnip. :) But she's eating and that's good. Ginger seems to sleep with aetrix9 each night. I think the cat appreciates a queen bed with only one person in it. Poe is obsessed with our dresser drawers. She keeps crawling into them if there's a little space to get in.


On cycling:

    Contents of my Chrome bag for my ride today:
  • 1 box cereal.
  • One Tupperware container, medium, full of home-made teriyaki chicken wings.
  • One Tupperware container, small, full of farmer's market strawberries.
  • One cup yogurt.
  • One pair blue jeans.
  • One pair boxers.
  • One belt.
  • One button up shirt.
  • One packet jerky.
  • Various personal items (wallet, cell, keys).

My back was fat this morning. I think I need paniers though as I couldn't go grocery shopping on my bike yesterday, needed to get my car. Also, Woodman's West doesn't seem to have bike racks anywhere, the bastards.

I started riding in the street today, obeying all traffic rules. It's much faster but full of potholes. It felt nice to be keeping up with vehicles though. I feel more powerful, for some reason.
I need a cycling icon now.

Now, to get nekkid in my office and change. :)

thickened sauce</i> sitting in foil.
Put in oven for 20 minutes.
Remove wings, flip and brush with thickened sauce sitting in foil.
Do this for about two hours.

After two hours, kick the heat up to 450 for 5 to 10 minutes depending on desired crispness.

Eat. get sticky.
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