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Ah! Over. - Portrait of a Young Man as The Artist — LiveJournal
Ah! Over.
Holy fuckballs the move went well. It took a two trucks, a minivan, two station wagons and three cars one trip to move the remainder of our stuff. One truck had to come back for the couch but that's it. It would likely have taen an extra trip and a half had Fx and I not been moving stuff before hand, but damn that went well. 11 people? 10 people? Lots of people. :)

Thanks so much to everyone, again, for the help.
And thanks for leaving me some pizza after getting the cats. :)

Ah, poor cats. Electra has been under the bed since we got her to the house at 4:40 yesterday. Poe has hunkered down in the bedroom acting as sentry for Electra. Ginger seems to have taken the entire first floor with covert endeavors to get food and water on the third floor. When she deigns to come into the bedroom (let alone get near the bed) Poe freaks out and chases her away, then goes under the bed to check on Electra.

Oy. Molly caught a look at the cats adn exploded into the most terrible cats sounds ever, I'm told. Not fun.

So, yeah. Now the Great Unpacking begins with stops along the way like What To Do With All This Flour and Why Do We Have Six Alton Brown Cookbooks and The Cats Are Stuck To The Ceiling Again.

Cable guy comes on Wednesday so I'll be online only at work and maybe at coffee shops for the next few days. Call if you need anything, for some crazy reason. I'm posting this from Prairie Crest's internet alcove.

Now, I'm going to steal some soda from the communal fridge and get back to cleaning.

Tentative House Warming date: July 1st.

PS to Evi - I have your purple sunglasses. Whatcha gonna do to get 'em back? >:)
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fencert From: fencert Date: June 12th, 2006 04:21 pm (UTC) (Link)
Anytime- moving and meeting your friends was fun. And I always like finding new people to tell my ridiculous stories to!
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