The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Get 'er done

Ahhh! My workstation isn't set up yet; therefore, i can't remotely connect while in training! I'm relegated to using Internet Exploder today (you know, cuz I pay great attention all day)!

How did we ever enjoy the days before tabbed browsing and mouse gestures?

I got everything done yesterday besides my homework project. Instead of homework, I was creative though kind of sluggishly involved. The apartment is decreasingly chaotic as stuff finds a proper home in boxes and bins. Generally this means I am more creative, less frenetic with the mess.

I have learned, perhaps re-learned in this case, that I must (must) have an organized/clean living space in order to be adequately creative or even relaxed. From about last week, Wednesday, to yesterday, I was stressed and generally frazzled (as frazzled as I can be) over everything. My mind felt as cluttered as my living space, so much so that I wanted to be at work so I could do something productive. It's getting better, though. Tonight, while Fox packs the remainder of the stuff (Gods [damnit, I picked up Annan's and Aetrix's pluralized deity expression] I'd love to finish everything but the bed dismantling tonight) I get to take apart the desk and table and shove away the clothes I won't be wearing Friday and Saturday. I'm excited because when furniture gets disassembled, we're almost done. Hurrah!

For saturday, it looks like we're going to have, at minimum 10 people with as many as 13. Amazing. Assuming we have adequate truck(thanks Aetyrix and Jefferyp)/van(thanks Leleth_Faery) space, we could probably get the move done in one trip which would be nuts and very unstressful for all.

Two days out, I'm finally looking forward to moving.
I may also be able to enjoy Kink(ed) 9even if Smed isn't coming <pout>).
Now... should probably start the homework I didn't do.
Tags: art, moving, people
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