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Morning All! I'd like a role call for the move this Saturday (June 10th). If (and only if) you are coming to help us move, fill out the first two questions. It's easier to read a bunch of "yes" answers for people rather than "yes" and "no."

Reasoning: I want to get an idea of crew size and available space for moving stuff. This will make it easier to organize everything for the move as well as buy booze-ohol and pizza.

Question three is for anyone. You know, cuz no one can resist an entire poll.

RE: Pizza. We will figure out dietary requirments later when we're all together. I know some of you are lactose intolerant and/or meat-selective eaters. For those of yuo that don't eat piza or beer at all (what the hell is wrong with you?) you get the reward of my sweaty, wife-beater wearing company, k?

Poll #743544 Role Call

Are you coming to help me move?


What sort of vehicle do you have?

Car (2Door/hatch back)
Car (4 door)
Station wagon
Truck (with cap)
Truck (w/o cap or I'll have it removed by Saturday)

This is to placate everyone else. :)

In excellent news, the apartment finally feels like we're moving. Things are empty. All that's left hidden are dishes. I'm thinknig one last trip t the house to empty some bins and we'll be good for Saturday.

In terrible news, I watched 1.25 hours of the Doom movie last night. Why the hell wasn't tis one giant homage to the game??? So terrible. The only nifty game-related ting I picked out was the pistol gun shot was idential to Doom 1. The BFG even sounded different, wasn't green, and wasn't a funny boxy shape.

Edit: if you need directions to the apartment, my cell number and/or directions to the new place, email me. wringland (at) gmail (dot) com.
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