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Peaceful Warrior.

The words
of coyote resonate like
a game of cleanliness and fortitude.
Speaking in tones awe-ful and wondrous
he reminds,
preaches, to live first
and take names in the aftermath.
I must
slough off my skin to keep it in tact.
The atmosphere,
a churning mosaic of smoke
and screaming children, is beaming.
It is
oppression of the highest degree,
not only is it necessary but it bilks me for all
I am
worth. Coyote taunts in his lackadaisical manner;
he wants a fight with the snakes of the world
- Apophis as degenerated into the children of Seth -
as a retort to boredom.
He is
the apotheosis warrior
as created by Homer and rectified by Tolkien.
I am
the rising yuppie who buys replica swords
made from tank parts that never asked to be a weapon.
I cannot
be a peaceful warrior
when my future remains locked in endless
cycles of
wash and dry and
ache and watch.
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