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I haven't taken a real lunch break in.... er.. Months?

Why do people do this "Lunch at Noon" thing? There are dozens of other people. Lines. Waiting. No Tables. Etc. Lunches are supposed to be relaxing, not spent looking for a clock when I realize I don't have my watch and my cell is dead. Also, why doesn't the Chin's Asia Fresh on Excelsior have a clock? These things are fundamental.

At least I ate, though. That's a good start. But I'm not feeling especially peachy about the week as it has started.

Blah. Trying to find something good about today....
I like programming in VB? That's pretty cool about this week.
Uh... Monkeys?
Huh.. seems the class assumes for more development ability/experience than I have.
Right.. so remembering how to do If statements in VB.
Grr. Argh.
Well... managed to code some minor error handling into my program.
Howsabout that?
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