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Sweet surrender.

Hooray for Rope 'n Gropes! Know why hooray? 'cuz I get to drop LJ names...
It was at fencert's place. It included me, lady_fox, graydancer, sculplady, leleth_faery, cfxjosh, leathermines, and cunningminx (whom I finally met and rather like).

There: many neat things learned. A few new knots and something cool I'm totally putting on the bed when we move - essentially a string of loops around the mattress. I was highly entertained by Leleth as she very uickly and accurately bound herself in random ties most of the night. Fun and engaging. :) Listening to Gray teach is strange. It reminds me of Scouts but actively sexual rather than suppressedly sexual. Not bad, mind, just kind of funny (in a slanted smirk way).

Oddly (or annoyingly) enough, it wasn't until I got home that I divined something nifty, a rope gag that could easily be turned into a predicament bondage gag. You make a chinese cross hitch with 15ft of 8mm rope but run two lines through it (say, 6mm). Have two people bite down on it and use the 8mm ends to secure the gag. The girth should be sufficient from the 8mm and the two 6mm lines that you can get two people pretty well stuck. This probably means very little to most of you...

Thirty minutes and two cameras later...

Ok. So the white-ish rope is the cross hitch linked above and the dark blue lines are the embedded rope. The white line running in the same direction perpendicular to the knot are what secure the heads of the two invovled.
Considerations - it would be easier to use two separate ropes for the hitch. That way, you don't have to tie the gag onto one person first then the other; you can have the gag ready to go. However, it's probably far more intense to bind one person then introduce the other separately. Though this can be acheived similarly by having the gag ready to go. Hmmm....

So I suppose optimal materials:
2 lengths 8mm rope (no more than 15 feet)
2 lengths 4-6mm rope. Length variable depending on intricacy of ensuing bondage.

Other considerations: I think the gag can be flattened and widened by wrapping one strand of both opposing ropes (blue) perpendicular to the hitch (white) knot. That way you can get more bite for your bight (haha) in the gag.

Dude. Why couldn't I have whipped this out sooner tonight and impress everyone. Sheesh.

PS: there was also axe throwing in the dark, which was surprisingly cool. fencert and I certainly need to do that again. I think I'm going to cave and get the tomahawk I've always wanted. But I can't find any quality information online for throwing tomahawks.

Edit: huh.. inexpensive 9ft bullwhip at and a decent set of reviews. Maybe get back into that sport too....
Tags: bdsm, bondage, shibari
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