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Last night I bought a bottle of White Knot wine. It comes from the McLaren Vale area of Southern Australia. Now, Australia is mostly know for their shiraz grapes. I didn't know they could really produce chardonnay grapes. My previous experiences with Australian Shiraz have been sub par - I had thought because I didn't like shiraz. After trying this, I may just dislike Australian wine. In this case, though, I can actually blame a government for shitty wine.

In the 80's Australia was trying to increase its economic status. At the time chardonnay was far more popular than shiraz, irrespective of quality. The Aussie gov't requested/required/demanded that the wine regions try to produce chardonnay, I assume for export and profit. The vineyards sorta did but I don't think they put as much effort into growing the chardonnay grapes as well as they grow the shiraz. So... bleh.

Coming out of the bottle, the wine smells light and crisp. That's really about it. As it sat in the glass, I got further hints of fruit that disguised the alcohol bite. I should note that I neither like nor dislike the smell of alcohol in a wine. It adds dimension to everything else. I suppose if that's all I smell, it's bad, but in and of itself no problem.

First sip. Brief. Brief. Brief hint of fruit and then it's gone, replaced by a watery feel and the tingle on the side of your tongue. A moment later and it is replaced by evaporated buh? "Buh" being the technical term of "what the hell is that sensation?" which is a weird mix of fruit, metal and alcohol hitting your tongue and epithelium at the same time.

There isn't much else to say about tis wine. It was bad. It had nothing to offer besides a pretty logo and inebriation. I don't think I'll buy it again, even at $10.54 with tax.
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