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Mix it up.

I am thieving this from spitefairy because I think it rocks.

Let's make some sex mixes together! We're going to make two of them. They will be divided into Animal-lusting, carnal-beat fucking and Enduring, passionate love-making. Suggest a song or two, upload them if you can/want, give some lyrics. They don't have to be about sex, just something you'd want to listen to.

My contributions!

For the first:
Christfuck by Wumpscut
You had so much to give. You had your time to live. Christfuck christfuck

For the second:
Evil Night Together by Jill Tracy.
We'll drink a toast in the torture chamber and you'll go down on a bed of nails
(I'll upload links tonight when I can adjust the file permissions on Rincewind. I haven't figured that out with the FTP program I have here.)

Songs with a BDSM taint encouraged. >:)

(In honor of BDSM taint.... a double coin breast harness Breasts but no nipples shown. Click at your discretion.)


Moderately depressed today. Seems this week end will pass sans Aetrix barring moving fury on Saturday. Didn't sleep too well last either. It seems my body has hardwired waking up at 4am every night. I've done so the last month and it is ennervating.

On the plus side, I went to the library yesterday. I have research materials for a potential project. I am pleasèd. That it includes the origins of hipsters and beats is completely coincidental. (I'm not a hipster!) Hooray for Ginsberg.

I'm recultivating my love of Burroughs too.

Oh. There goes swearing guy. Time to turn up the volume....

Happy Friday. (Sex music poll)
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