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Free - sweetened frog eggs

Making tapioca pudding is the biggest bitch that ever bitched; the previous is especially true when you realize while you're beating the egg whites (by hand) that you misread the instructions and needed to separate four eggs, not two. This leads to swearing, frantic setting up pf the stand mixer, putting cooked starch eggs back on the heat, separating two more eggs, swearing, picking egg shells out of the whites, emphatic swearing, and mixing the egg yolks and sugar into the re-cooked tapioca puke.

Oy. At least the extra two egg whites made the volume large enough to be effectively whipped by the stand mixer. Fluffing whites by hand takes faaarrrrr tooooo looooong (swearing).

However, I have successfully made a metric fuck tonne of tapioca pudding. I don't know if I'm going to be able to eat it all. If you want tapioca, you should call me. I have so many frog eggs to give.

ALSO! I cleaned the kitchen (twice) including the wonderful sugar spill the happened during pie baking (well, stage one of the cleaning. I have to regroup and attack from a different angle to get to the rest. It killed the steel wool...), cleaned the bedroom, did laundry, cleaned the bathroom (minus the Tub of DoomTM), napped, read, and listened to.... 6ish hours of NPR. Does the time I napped with NPR on count?

Me = productive. :)
I &hearts Spring.
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