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I've decided that I should start reviewing the wines I drink as I've been drinking more of it; expand my horizons, of course.

I made a pasta sauce a few weeks back using Dandelion root and similar greens with clove and coriander. The greens, when cooked, become brightly sweet rather like a toned-down honeysuckle. We figured a light riesling would complement the sweetness of the sauce well enough without turning bitter on our tongues. Enter Moselland Riesling.

We bought it mostly because the bottle was pretty, of course, knowing few other characteristics by which to go when selecting a wine. The bottle itself is fairly square, much like a vodka bottle, with a framed rectangle of non-frosted glass. Through it you can see a white lighthouse. I assume that has something to do with the name - Moselland Lighthouse Series. There's also an anchor on it. Had I seen that I may have worried it was going to be salty; I didn't notice until now. Mosel-Saar-Ruwer, the area from which it comes, is a port town so I assume that is the reason for the nautical theme.

On popping the bottle, you're greeted with a very light fruity bouquet. It is indistinct, only a hint of any specific fruit - a bit heavy on the citrus were I to make a guess. It is lightly colored, a very pale yellow color. Clear and vibrant under light but the hue is not lost. It is pretty, really, but doesn't match well in color to the pasta. :)

In the glass, it loses most of the aroma. I had to stick my nose nearly on top of the liquid to get anything distinct. This distracts for me. I like a firmly aromatic wine because it makes my mouth water to smell it before I sip. Because of tis, though, a lack of saliva makes the flavor of the wine linger a bit longer than I'd have otherwise expected.

The flavor is very light and fruity with a calm acidic tone that I really liked, the acid is nearly metallic which I also really liked surprisingly well. The wine lingers nicely, just long enough for some of the wine to evaporate and fill my mouth giving it a more robust feeling that white wines otherwise lack. So I taste it for a while longer than expected for a white. This rings out the acidic flavors a little too much for my tastes but acceptable.

It is sweet but not saccharine by any means, hardly a desert wine. I can find hints of lemon and that's about it for flavor. The flavor doesn't break under the acid quickly unless you're holding it in your mouth. Allowing your saliva to mingle dulls the fruity flavors and lets the acid come out. Not preferable, so swallowing relatively quickly is advised. :)

Aerating the wine, sucking air through your mouth with a little wine there, makes it exceedingly fruity but not overly sweet again. I'm very pleased by that. You get a huge burst of all the good and completely lose the bad. Of course, it sucks to drink a wine like this so you don't get as much fruity as you may like drinking like a normal person.

The aftertaste is eh? I feel a little of the metallic at the base of my tongue but otherwise not too much.

In the end, the wine is refreshing, crisp and fruity without being so sweet it is unpalatable. Pleasant. It would do well with slightly sweet entrees, chicken or pastas. I don't know about chicken which may dull the flavor with it's relative blandness. Any red meat would beat the fuck out of it.

Wine: Moselland Riesling.
Country: Germany
Region: Mosel-Saar-Ruwer
Flavor: light, fruity with lemon, slightly metallic and acidic.

I'd buy it again were I serving something light.
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