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In random good news, TwistedMonk let me keep the extra 15ft length he sent instead of the 30ft length I ordered. I'm pleased but feel oddly guilty. I guess it's because he trusted me when I told him what happened. I never expect people to trust outright. I'm ordering from him forever now.

This wouldn't let me sleep. I started with some grass I shot, turned it infrared, layered the original for hue and texture, added clouds I shot and a sunburst a shot. I screwed with the layer blends, gradients and masking and got this. It feels unfinished ultimately, though I'm not sure what to do to it; but I sorta like it. It feels radically different than Thistle and Crook and I don't like it as much because it is fabricated. I dunno. Maybe edit tomorrow. Sleepy. Digital art seems less good when it's quicker. Bah. Bah, I say!

I can't think of a title.
Is this getting consumed? Battle your body over sleep versus completing something?

Thoughts welcome.
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