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"This is the myth of our culture..." -Daniel Quinn, Ishmael

Lenin had it. Stalin probably did.
Gorbachev certainly did not, and Yeltsin -
well you know it.

It is the culmination of totalitarian regime control,
communism's indelible mark on exports
and the embodiment of suffering
that American's will never know.
Even when there are shortages
of coal or cabbage jobs
there is always a drowning pool.
The morning swim, tradition
from the youngest to those
with missing teeth.

Worhola have it. Putin probably does.
Yeltsin epitomizes it.

I said that I could become an alcoholic
probably only with Vodka if I wanted to try.
It isn't the flavor,
the right way to drink it is only sensation.
I silently sing Russian Lullabies
and Odes with every shot;
toast to the millions
that live the myth that I can only idolize.
I imbibe what has been for a populace,
their strength fills my flaw. It is
the experience of thrive that hypnotizes me,
that I allow to hypnotize me.
I wrap myself in hammer and sickle
with bare and bleeding skin.
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