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Our father...

"Hallowed by the Name"

Does wrist binding constitute NWS images? No nudity in this image but cut just in case. Not sure why I care this time... maybe because I'm not locking this post.

Semi-decent wrist binding image under cut. The camera didn't like the red color of our bedroom. That coupled with the lower light levels created a lot of noise in the blue spectrum. I tried to blend it best I could without blurring the image too badly and killing the nice hue of the wall. This is why Fox's fingers look so strangely red, I took out much o the blue and could isolate the fingers well enough to fix it. I only marginally succeeded but it's OK. Just awit for July....

Two more hours then I have a team meeting. Easiest hour of the day.
Yay for weekends.
Yay for boobies?
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