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Kinda like bullets

NRA in a tizzy over New Orleans. The NRA wants city police to pledge they'll never confiscate guns from average citizens after terrorist attacks or natural disasters. They cite the confiscation of guns in NOLA after Katrina. So, they didn't have a problem that people were shooting at rescue helicopters? The government should allow that? The hell?

I want the NRA to return to their roots. Teach New York how to shoot! The NRA was originally formed because the army was upset with the marksmanship of New York militiamen. Ahhh.. those were the days....

I slept TERRIBLY last night. I woke up every few hours because one of the joints in the bed squeaks. Stupid four post beds. Grr Argh. I need to attack it with WD-40 tonight lest I never sleep again. Plus, I had bizarre dreams that kept me tossing most of the time I was asleep. I managed to aggravate my sore muscles from the gym on Tuesday so I have that going for me.

I'm a little frustrated after yesterday to. Sev is sick and was being needy at Aetrix during our date so he kept text messaging and calling for things. He said he was sorry to interrupt at 3, didn't want to do it, yet miraculously had to drop by again at 5 because he forgot his laundry - which he new he forgot but wouldn't come back for immediately. Grr Argh to that too. Sigh

On the plus, good photography from Wednesday's crazy drunk wanderings. Plus another I'm going to post a little later of some basic hand bondage also from Wednesday. My camera continues to annoy me. July. Just wait until July and I'll have a good camera. I decided to wait an extra few weeks to pad my savings more and get a better idea of average amount I can save per month. This moth has proved somewhat more expensive than last since I'm spending more time with Fox. It's nice, mind, we just eat out a lot more than I do when I'm spending so much time alone.

TwistedMonk sent me the wrong rope lengths, I realized Tuesday. I emailed about fixing that but haven't heard back so I can't use it yet in case he wants me to return the whole package before he sends me the right stuff. Boo-urns! Want to play with pretty rope. I think he may be on his way to Shibaricon already so it could be a while before I get that sorted out. Until then I may have to abide with crap polypropylene rope for my photography needs.

Next Wednesday promises to be nice. I'm excited.

Fox is feeling envy over my non-primary relationships. It is understandable; we're trying to get her hooked up with other people. It seems that many of the people that message her on OKCupid are dull. I vaguely worry he tastes are really specific or she's more apt to deny someone out of a little fear over new relationships. I don't know though. I'm trying to help but there's only so much I can do. I'm not about to start asking people, "Hey! Want to sleep with my girlfriend?"

See above re: Aetrix9

Had a conversation last night as well that bugged me far more than I would have otherwise expected. Not sure what to make of it.

Everyone should post to fridaypoll. I have little drive today after shitty night's sleep. Entertain me with polls.

Aside to evilevi: Yay for placing music on my computer? :)
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