The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man


Me + 80% of a bottle of chardonney = ZWOOOO!!!

I was all gonna take picture this afternoon but God said, "RAIN, Bitch!" and I had a nice encounter in evilevi's office that distracted me.

I can;t think straight let alone type well. SO! I eventually tppk pictires today but not before the booze and now I have ice cream. I like ice cream.

Cats too. I have cats. They like my lap.

I'd like to edoit these pics bit I can't see straigt.

I'm watching Angel. I like Angel. Ans buffy,. She is hot but I don't really go for blondes.
unless they cook really well. I cooked more fried chicken tonight. It's the best yet. But it's that Monkey wine that got me..

This was the frst time buying wine for the botttle failed me. Usually, O buy wine for tha , bottle becauesit is easier and, frankly, I have no idea hoe to buy a "good" wine. So, I got by what strikes my fancy. Tonight I bought a Monkey Bay chardonney because the bottle sparkled. Yes, the bottle sparkled. Sadly, it was pretty unexciting. It is bitter straight out. Imbibed with food, though, it gets better - wait, I should clarify. Imbibed with fried chicken it tastes far better than alone. It seems the salt in the chivken makes the wine not suck though it is still one of the worsty chards I"ve ever gad. Eh? I'm stil really really really drunk soi it must be okay, right>

Ok... I don't thinl I can write much moe,.
Uh... yeaj. I'm so drbk. By the way, that antsiness from yesterday? Made worse by certain rendez-vous but I wouldn't have it any other way. :)

I'm in such a good mood. :) Ima finish the bottle!
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