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QA, Ponies, Rope and weird music mixes.

War Room yesterday was a rousing success. We started or completed approximately 8% of the open issues for our two apps. It was fantastic and the developers want to do it again next week. I am tah Winar!

Feeling antsy, frenetic even. The weather last night was dynamic and perfect; this morning it is gorgeous. I don't want to be at my desk. Given the nature of this antsiness, I have a few ideas of what I'd rather be doing right now and it looks like that is unlikely today. Saddness. Best laid plans, ne?

Maybe part of it is the bowl of Fruity Rice Krispies I had for breakfast but judging by afew other gagues that aren't affected by sugar, I think it's that spring antsiness.

I'm listening to Rope Weekly archives which makes me very happy. This one is from last year's Shibaricon. graydancer is talking about pony girls which was a really entertaining joke when I was in college, all ishtar_star's fault. I can't take them seriously; some fetishes/erotica/kinks amusing me in a completely non-sexual manner and that is certainly one of them.

TwistedMonk's rope appeared Monday. I've not used it yet. Monday, Fox and I had late work nights and yesterday was a fury cooking and then collapse with strganoff and pie. I'm feeling the itch to tie especially after re-perusing more of Odd-art breast harness gallery. I feel the need to prove to myself, maybe to others as well, that I can produce aesthetically pleasing rope as well as capture it on (digital) film. I think part is that I didn't get pictures from Kink(ed) of waht I did or what other's were doing, not that my camera would have been able to get anything good in that lighting, but still. I feel art deprived. I'm also deathly curious of that shit-tastic poly rope I bought (75ft for a dollar) looks good on film. It has decent sheen, so I dunno. T'would be funny.

I write about rope a whole lot these days.

I woke up with a fucked up combination of Leisure Suit Larry 1 (1.1 Ogg Vorbis file) theme music mixed with Spiel Mit Mir (lyrics) stuck in my head.
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