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War Room.

So, I managed to brow beat my developers and a few TSers to dedicate one day per month to do o nothing but fix QANs. I'm sitting in the West Gate War Room watching them fix issues that have gone unfixed, in some cases, multiple years. This is a good feeling. However, this also means that I'm in the war room all day doing nothing but QA note triage which I find to be one of the most dull things that i have to do as TL. I feel moderately guilty, too, because I'm having my teammate help do the triage. I really don't like giving other people tedious things to do that are ultimately my responsibility. BUT! Things are getting fixed which I didn't think was ever going to happen.

I guess the lesson to learn is that I can demand things and people will do them around the workplace, especially when I involve the division lead in the meeting. :) I dislike that I have to be so demanding to get these things done but in light of the Integrated testing session last week, it may be my only recourse.

I though people were supposed to be responsible/motivated in the Real World?
I think my view of working and workers in general is not in line with reality.
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