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Yay for Fridays, though today is 8 hours (maybe) in Integrated QA with a dozen people telling me their app is broken; this is followed quickly be me convincing them that their developers need to fix the problems, them saying that'll never happen adn then me grumping that the next session will be even more fun.

I'm excited about Kink(ed) tonight and dreading it. I feel like a poser, a neophyte, a faker etc. etc. It is unnecessary and not true ultimately. But tis doesn't reduce the belief that I need to prove myself to a crowd of people I don't know, let along the few people involved in the group I do know, respect and admire. Part of my mind says I gotta show them I know what I'm doing.

Truth is, I don't really think I do. I've only been at this what? A few months.

I should note that these insecurities are less strong than they may appear, I'm just saying what's there - though minute they be. My excitement is far greater and I'm quite looking forward to learning some new things. I'm also really 'cited about doing some decorative bindings on Fox before hand. I suppose that's a show of skill. Huh... Duh.

Now, I just need to figure out how to tie a Turks-head knot on my right wrist. That'll be an interesting challenge for tonight.

I wonder how many co-workers will be there. Heh.

Note to self - find 6mm black rope for tonight, we haven't enough to do anything interesting over Fox's chosen wear. Home Depot only has 9mm cored stuff.
Check - Menards in Mineral Point
Check - Ace in Verona

Edit: 8:57.
This is pretty dull. I'm not actually testing anything so much as recording their testing adn issues. However, two people did say this is going much smoother than last time. I think that means I win at my job.

Now I need to start planning the next session.
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