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I call this one "Claims people are rough."
LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:angrybunnyman
Your haiku:but our right fielder
was atrocious the other
team kept kicking him
Created by Grahame

Apologies for the cryptic post last night. It was a SUBTLE ATTEMPT to gague something as well as state a few silly things on my mind. Childish, yes, but it happens. The frequency is diminished in the last few years, though; that's important. Suffice it to say it was a good cooking day and I spent a lovely few hours on the grass at Elver Park with evilevi.

Today is the last day of my vacation. It is sad. I tried to sleep in but Poe decided to slice up my arm for attention. I have a red cut now. It's actually kind of pretty but not exactly what you want as a "good morning!" any day of the week. Either way, I'm looking forward to a calm day on LJ and watching movies. I have nothing planned; I even cleaned my nifty satin pjs in anticipation of The Nothing of today. It's nice. I don't even plan on showering. (ewww stinky).

Aside to lady_fox: I tried to swap shower heads but we need a real wrench. The current shower head is tight and I only managed to damage it with my vice grips this morning.

Looking forward to Kink(ed) Friday in whatever form it becomes. I wish I had a better variety of rope though. End of the month, I'm going to buy some of Monk's color of the month along with some nice blue rope for lady_fox. I admit, I may go to Rainbow Rope too to get a few specific colors (NWS). I still want bronze, though I have no idea how it would look on anyone. Eh. It'll look good on someone. >:)

Damn. Now I'm worried about looking like a tool in front of the experts on Friday. Crap.
Bah. On to chocolate peanut butter dough-nuts!

PS: New icons.

107 icons in toto. Need to change many to de-suck-ify them.
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