The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Vacation means more of me!


Slept in. Cooked a nice breakfast (wild leek and mozarella omlet). Saved my car from the destruct-o machines demoing our parking lot. Vacation is good.

Consider the following:

I'm at a coffee shop. I go to coffee shops in my free time, you know for caffeine, Dagoba, the cute barristas (the red-head with the nice butt and hipster glasses is working today [it's always the red heads]). I putter around LJ and the internet (StumbleUpon is your friend) while I watch people and relax. This isn't very different than most evenings or weekends; in fact, the difference really is that I got here before 7pm.

So.... Does this make me:

Easy to please

I lean towards the latter. I do not default to this but choose it. This is a minute but crucial detail. I'd like to think that I understand what I like, and in most areas such is true; further, it is the simpler things that I'm starting to like when I have time to myself. I have found little better for the afternoon than accepting grass and a well-worn book. In fact, I'm starting to dislike even the little bit of TV I have been watching. Problematically (and unbeknownst to the following individual) much of my TV watching is to spend time with lady_fox. This is nice time but ultimately not what I'd prefer.

Note: there is hardly anything wrong with this given that I strongly believe a good relationship is a balance of give and take.

This awareness is new to me, mind. And unearth that which I'd prefer that is something she'd wish to do is the real "challenge." Quoted because fun things aren't challenges, especially ones potentially as simple as me reading with my feet on her lap as she watches Gilmore Girls. It is shared time, time existing together where te focus meanders between us two and the one - a unifed solitude if that makes sense. This is something I gratefully learned from aetrix9 that I am only now consciously understanding.

The point being, I understand what I want with and for myself, to prepositions many people do not consider. I like coffee shops. I like LiveJournal. I like reading the news online and commenting goffy things to interesting people. Vacation to me, then, is having more of this than I do on a normal work day. That my normal work day includes many things which I enjoy speaks volumes to the beneficence of my job.

Thus, as much as I was feeling odd that I hadn't planned a Big Something such as a trip to another state or resort, I am equally contented, now, that I have only a few things planned with excellent people and vast tracts of... free time.

One thing that displeases me at the moment. I did not grab my camera in my hurrying to save my car.
Also, the screaming baby is rather grating.

I also did this today, after finishing the entry, but before posting.

This is a shot I got two weeks ago of St. Raphael's steeple. I adjusted the hues and contrast. Very haunting. I am pleased with the outcome, for now.

I apologize if it is really dark. The light in Barriques is washing out my monitor.
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