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I feel better. I ate füd with lots of processed flour (my metabolism is funny[supapowered], AP flour = sugar high??) for lunch then played kickball with my team.

Note to self - stretch legs before playing kickball. Especially when you're fielding geeks. Especially especially when you're fielding 5 geeks.

I'm not much for playing half the outfield and second base. It would have noly been center foield and second base but our right fielder was atrocious; the oher team kept kicking it to him. I had to back him up.... well, had to meaning I wanted to pretend we were going to win.

My legs hurt.

However! Less than three hours before I'm on vacation. This will immediately be followed by sighs, smiles, and a free mocha-something-terribly-sweet at the very nearby Vic Allen's 'til I get the CSA share from aetrix9 at 6:30. That sentence was a mouth-full, yet grammatically correct!

I like coffee shops that are close and give me punch cards.
Mmm. Java.
And hello to alyska! I've seen your photography.
Seems evilevi has made me really popular this week.
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