The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Quickie and more pictures.

Things are... good. Last two evenings have been good. Yesterday was pretty good in general though I didn't do any of the stuff sorting I wanted but it did end with an exceedingly pleasant email. No movies tonight. They are the motivation killer. Broken Flowers, by the way, is hilarious. I also cooked a fantastic dinner. I made fresh bruschetta (with nifty organic mozarella) and pork meatballs, spiced with rosemary, garlic powder, thyme, salt and pepper. I pan fried the meat balls and added them to the watercress soup I made last week. I cannot explain how amazing it was. I think I'm really getting this cooking thing.

Today looks promising. It started with a pile of happy compliments from my last posts and another nifty email. (You know who you are that sent it.) Interesting work to do today and a design meeting in verona.
How can it be bad when I end the day in a meeting room named "Zen?" Well, this is assuming I can find it sooner this time. :)

I'm not exactly certain how she emphasized my crotch in that first one. I certainly understand why but how must be a ptrick of the camera. :) Nifty red chair provided by Barriques on the square.

I played with sepia tones (obviously). I don't quite get why people use sepia filters yet as I haven't made anything look better with them. It makes me look like a bronze statue. Or maybe a Bronze God!
Maybe. Just maybe...

PS: Hello to a few new lurkers. :P
Tags: photography, vanity, work
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