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My cerebrum feels to be full of agitated goo. I worry that my cerebellum may mount resistance and wage war in the vast chasms of the sensory motor cortex. I am distrustful of their intentions.

Damn brain and its guerilla warfare.
And the morning started off so well!

Many thanks to the responses on last night's Ginger post. I appreciate it.

VMWare - Virtual Machine Software - is nifty. This is a map of one (out of nine) virtual computers I have on my workstation. Each node is a different saved version of our software, patched, aadjusted, different in some way. I can jump between each version with a click and test patches, patch combinations and configurations quickly. I can also branch outwards from a frozen configuration and create a separate path of patches and adjustments.

It makes me happy to do crazy things like this. I'm gonig to see how much bigger I can get this map over time. I can still install another version of our Summer release with a whole bunch of patches. :)

Yes. I'm a geek.
Tags: revolutions of the brain
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