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I've been contemplating "art" and "photography" tonight. Where does anything become art, more specifically? Take this shot for example; does it say something? Is it intesesting to view? Does it give you a grander sense of something/. Is it because the picture went from this to what you see above make it "art?" Clearly, I put some thought into how to crop it, adjusted the contrast and colors but is that enough? I mean, so what? I can edit in photoshop. Anyone can.

I'm not down on myself by any means. I'm just pondering. I spend time on these things. The best stuff generally comes from throw away pictures at which I take a second look. I see some potential to have a pretty shot and start cropping and adjusting. So... does that make it art? Eh. I like how it looks. Maybe that's enough.

Epic dinner was full of entertaining lady_foxes, people-hunting sleepingzebras and adorable evilevis. Clearly planning to meet people at the dinner was important, but I think our chosen company was paramount. Good times were had by all (I'm 99% sure). Sad we didn't get to say good night to sleepingzebras but I got an excellent hug to make up for it. :)

Night sleepingzebras! You guys rock!
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